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Samsung Galaxy A34 128GB 8GB RAM

Samsung Galaxy A34 128GB 8GB RAM

Add a hefty dose of awesome to your everyday with Galaxy A Series. The new smartphones that let you up your game with next level cameras, infinity screens, and marathon batteries. So, whether you want to scroll socials all day, create eye popping content, or enjoy a streaming binge, you can do it all and do it longer. With Samsung Galaxy A34 5G in your hand, nothing gets in your way.

Point. Shoot. Share. Creating social-ready pics and videos on Galaxy A34 5G is that simple. The 48MP main camera comes with OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation), so even the maddest dances come out looking smooth and clear. And when there's just too many mates to fit in a regular frame, just switch it up to the 8MP ultra-wide camera. Close-ups also look amazing with the 5MP macro lens. And when it gets dark, Nightography kicks in to capture all the fun as clear as day.

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