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Kids Toys Mochi Unicorn Squishies Stretch Stress 5 Pack Multicolors Squishy Boy

Kids Toys Mochi Unicorn Squishies Stretch Stress 5 Pack Multicolors Squishy Boy

  • Nothing is more enjoyable than having the perfect toy which you can play with for unlimited amount of time. Karids’s mochi unicorn squishies are MADE WITH QUALITY THAT LASTS. They are manufactured of safe TPR rubber material that is soft, non-toxic and reusable. Unlike slow rising kawaii, no matter how many times these are being squeezed or stretched they will bounce back to their original mochi shape right away!
  • CREATES HOME FUN AND SELF ENTERTAINMENT: Having this set of mini squeezable toys at hand in home will keep your child occupied for hours while you can calmly tend to daily tasks. Or, use them to play with your kids and spend some quality time with a new exciting twist that both you and the kids will enjoy.
  • Even adults need some time out. Use these adorable mochi squishies TO RELIEVE STRESS and catch your breath. Sometimes it’s the kid that needs to relax. These squishy mochies will relieve their little brains, help them LEARN to FOCUS, EXERCISE and develop their senses. Most of all it will light up their faces with an award-winning smile!
  • INDIVIDUALLY PACKAGED COLOR BURST: In this set each mochi unicorn squishy is packaged separately, making it the perfect party filler. The set includes the cutest random colored mochi unicorn squishies (20 pcs.) that every kid would love to see and play with! The pack includes red, green blue, orange, yellow, pink, glittery, glow in the dark and so much more colorful fun! You can be sure that every child will love this!
  • AWESOME GIFT + ZERO RISK PURCHASE: Looking for the perfect surprise gift for a kid’s birthday/for the holidays, etc.? You have found it! This lovely set is also great for collections, additional décor and to use as party favors. If you are not thrilled with your purchase for absolutely ANY reason, just get in touch with us and our amazing team at Karids will make it right! Additionally, your purchase is guaranteed under our 30-Days Money Back Guarantee. Can it really go any better?


Product Description

Are you looking for the ‘perfect toy’? One that is practical, builds fine motor skills for kids and teaches them to stay focused? A toy that every kid and adult alike will love at first touch? Here it is!
The Most Adorable and Absolutely Irresistible Mochi Unicorn Squishes by Karids - 20 Pack
This brightly colored fun pack includes:
1 Red
1 Dark Green
1 Light Green
1 Dark Blue
1 Light Blue
1 Brown
1 Black
1 Orange
1 Yellow
1 White
1 Pink
1 Purple
1 Grey
1 Rose Red
1 Flash Color
1 Transparent
2 Glitter
2 Glow in the Dark
Karids’s mochi unicorn squishy is made of safe, non-toxic and soft TPR rubber materials that are fire fun to squeeze, stretch and pinch. With just a quick rinse under water, and allowing the squishy to dry, toy cleaning has never been easier.
Squishy mochi unicorns are the perfect manipulators for preschoolers to use in learning and developing their sense of touch, sight, and communicative and creative skills. This is achieved through playing with the squishy and interacting with parents and friends at home or school.
Sometimes we feel bored, tired and upset with life; but when you squeeze these little mochi cuties all your worries are being squeezed inside forever and you are left with a lighter heart and a bigger smile. Small size is portable and easy to carry or take with you wherever you are… at work, school or traveling.
Our assorted pack of squishies make the perfect gift at every occasion. Whether it is a birthday surprise, holiday gift or random smile making moment, Karids’s mochi unicorn squishy serves the purpose just right!

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